The onion you are eating is someone else's water lily!

I like this quote. It is an old chinese saying expressing what we mean when we say someone’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. That many of us think that this is true is very visible when we look at numbers of charity shops, scrap shops, car boot sales, swap shops, freecycle networks etc, etc out there. Turning trash to treasure is true recycling or even better upcycling which describes a process of converting waste or unwanted materials into new materials or products of a better quality or a higher environmental value. If we manage to look beyond the current purpose of a product or thing and see its next lives hidden inside, we turn trash to treasure. The beauty about this is that once you started it you won’t be able to stop. You see it happening all around you. You stop being a consumer who is told by the consumer industry what to buy and when to buy it. Turing trash to treasure you will use less resource, you will create less waste, you will live a more sustainable life and it feels good.

Trash to Treasure

You too can turn your own trash to treasure by creative recycling and start using, wearing, enjoying your old and unwanted things, again. There is a universe out there with millions of ways of turning trash to treasure. In forums you can find instructions to create something really sophisticated. The conversion from trash to treasure does not need to look homemade or like a school’s project. Once I had started creative recycling I looked at all my stuff and thought what will you be in your next live. I found many many great ways of turning my trash to treasure. I discovered a video on how to turn a plaid flannel shirt into kinky underwear, how to make accessories and jewellery from buttons and cutlery, how wine corks can be turned into a groovy bath mat and that an old kitchen can look brand spanking new when you give it a new live with old newspapers and magazines.

Obviously, if you would rather get rid of your things look out for charity shops, turn your old things into money at the car boot sale or organise or take part in a swap shop. Swapping is a great way to turn trash to treasure and I bet you go home with bags full of new treasures.

Turning trash to treasure and creative recycling is all about learning new skills and teaching others. It is hugely social and feels good. Keep your eyes open for your local ‘knit and bitch’ or ‘crafts and spraf’ meeting. Joining a group like this you get out of your house, meet like minded people for a blether or a spraf, learn something new and you create something groovy. Creative recycling feels amazing. Try it, it is easy and it is the future!