Swap It!

There is nothing on this planet that canít be swapped! I truly believe this. You just need to find the right person to swap it! The concept of swapping is to be understood like bartering, meaning the exchange of goods or services without the involvement of money. All you need for a successful barter are goods of comparable value to the swapees and trust.

There are different ways to swap it. You can swap like for like for example books, clothes, music, plant seeds, furniture, languages, skills, etc. The other way to swap it is to offer something you donít need or want and find someone who offers you something you want or think is comparable. Maybe you have pram but now need a boby car for your wee one. Donít just buy it, try and swap it! Maybe you are a hairdresser and need your living room wallpapered. Try it, there will be someone out there who will paper your living room for a couple haircuts. Swap it!

There are different ways to swap it. You can find a good number of websites helping you to find just the right person. Maybe there are swaps organised in your town or city and if not organise one yourself. I have put together a short guide on how to organise your first Swap It Party with family and friends. Feel free to download and try it out!

Freecycling is a way to Swap It!

If you donít want to swap but still want to get rid of you things look for freecycle networks. Here you can advertise your stuff so that people can come round and pick it up for free. This is turning your trash to treasure and makes someone happy.

To swap it helps to keep usable items out of our landfills. It is quite straight forward because by using what we already have on this earth, we reduce consumerism, manufacture fewer goods, and lessen the impact on our environment. To swap it is a form of creative recycling and turning trash to treasure. It is a different way from consumerism and it is fun. We have all seen things or clothes in friendís houses and thought ďOh I want this!Ē. Try it! Swap it.