Recycling Craft and Craft Recycling

You feel like tidying up those drawers, cupboards, the old wardrobe in the attic. Do it now! Do your craft recycling! You will find loads of materials, goods and things you had completely forgotten about. A situation like this beckons for creative recycling. Turing your trash into treasure and giving your old things a second life. But maybe you really canít come up with an idea or just want to get rid of your stuff, then please donít just throw it in the bin. Recycling craft materials is the right thing to do. Maybe your ball of wool will not be enough for another pair of socks or a scarf but there is someone out there looking for exactly that type and colour of wool which has been lingering in your drawer for ages. Nothing is too small, too little, too tacky. Recycling craft materials is the answer.

Craft Recycling

There are specialist shops out there for craft recycling. These scrap shops are happy to take all your old stuff, they sort it nicely and offer it to their customers at a reasonable price. It is pretty common that these shops work with volunteers and are social enterprises. The scrap shops usually only help you with your craft material recycling in taking the raw materials. Should you already have turned your materials into something you once thought nice but donít like it anymore, hand it in to your local charity shop. Charity shops are a good address for craft recycling as well as for recycling craft materials. Another very social way of doing your craft recycling is to participate in an organised swap. Here you can swap the things you donít need or like anymore for the things other people donít need or like anymore. Usually there is cake on offer, workshops and some music which makes your craft recycling a fun day out.