Eco Friendly Crafts and Eco Crafts

Eco friendly crafts is all about not partaking in blind consumerism and mass produced rubbish which is purely designed to break and to end up in landfills. Eco crafts is about slowing down and taking time to make something. Thinking up an idea for example for a present, home decoration or new piece of clothing and making it by hand gives you an amazing feeling of satisfaction. You learn a lot from each new eco crafts project and if you do some social eco crafts to teach yourself and others you newly acquired skills you will get many new ideas from your crafty peers. Eco friendly crafts is about valuing time over money and skills over things and creativity together with individualism over mass produced, one fits all, boring stuff.

It makes complete sense that creative recycling goes hand in hand with eco friendly crafts. Obviously there are times where you canít find all the things you need for your eco crafts project in skips, drawers, basements or your granís attic, etc. Whatever you need for your project good places to look for eco friendly crafts materials are charity shops, second hand shops, scrap scores, car boot sales, flea markets, architectural salvages .... the list is endless. Thinking creatively about sourcing your eco friendly crafts materials is a great skill and once you caught the bug there is no way stopping you!

Eco Friendly Craft Materials

Recycled materials should be the first choice but if you canít get them look for eco friendly crafts materials which are produced and traded environmentally friendly and fairly, ideally coming from your local area. Eco friendly crafts materials are more ecologically sound than there standard counterparts and there are plenty shops out there, happy to sell them to you. However, it is always worthwhile to check for environmental and ethical policies and it is more than ok to ask the shop owners difficult questions.

Very often eco friendly crafts materials are actually the result of creative recycling as they often consist of post consumer waste. Paper is a great example. Why not make your birthday cards from 100% recycled paper or card consisting of old brochures, print-outs and correspondence etc. And the best is, nowadays eco friendly crafts paper or card is available not only in different shades of grey and brown. However, eco friendly crafts and creative recycling goes beyond paper and card and there are great examples out there to prove this.