Creative Recycling Cat Bed Tutorial

These are the tools you need:

1 Screw Driver
1 Pair of Universal Pliers
1 Wire Cutters
1 Hammer
6 Ė 8 small Nails

... and of course two old wooden vegetable or fruit crates.

So, I went to an Italian Fruit and Veg shop down the road and asked for two wooden fruit crates. The shop keeper was very happy to oblige because the crates were waste for him and me taking two of them away meant he didnít need to dispose of them. Thatís what I call a win-win situation!

Step One

In order to make one big creative recycling cat bed from two tomato crates you need to remove one of the two long side parts of each crate. Pull out the metal staples at the corners, using the screw driver as a lever.

Step Two

Now use the universal pliers to pull the staples out completely, one after the other.

Step Three

In my case the side part of the crate was attached to the base using a metal staple. Cut this with the wire cutter, which will allow you to take the side part off.

Step Four

Now take the hamper and flatten any sticky out metal bits making sure there arenít any sharp hazardous metal parts left.

This is the first one already finished; repeat the process with the second crate and as a result you will have two tomato crates looking like this.

Step Five

Now put the two crates with their open sides together and turn them up towards you. This is the best position to hammer in the nails, in order to link the wooden corners. Use 3 -4 nails on each side.

Mind your fingers!

The result is one big box and the hardest part is officially over! Now follows the creative colourful part.

Step Six

We have two cats so I made two beds. To paint them I used eco friendly non-toxic white wall paint which we had left over and painted the beds using a fairly big paint brush. It was a sunny day and I could do it in the garden!

Step Seven

After the white base had dried I painted some really simple patterns on the beds. I stamped half red flowers on one cat bed and painted green and read squares on the other. It is really easy to make the floral design. Dip the paint brush in the paint and use its side to like a stamp. Repeat this 4 Ė 5 times in a semi circle and voila, done!

The colourful squares are even easier. Look!


Again, allow some time for the paint to dry Ė put in the cushion or pillow and your creative recycling cad bed is done!

Creative Recycling - Being Part of the Solution

I used two old pillows and as you can tell the wee Tiger Lillie adopted her new creative recycling cat bed straight away and fell asleep! Sweet dreams!