Creative Recycling and Trash to Treasure

Welcome to creative recycling. I have been involved with the green movement and activism for some time and met a lot of people with amazing ideas for creative recycling along the way turning trash to treasure. On I will not talk about the recycling we all know, i.e. the journeys to the bottle or paper bank. It is a very important chore to do but there is nothing creative about it and it is not recycling in the true meaning but more of a down cycling. Once I had realised this I started to see the real recycling happening all around me and it all makes complete sense as true recycling is always creative recycling.

On I want to explain the difference between recycling and true recycling what I call creative recycling. Here I want to show how creative recycling is closely intertwined with eco friendly living and green crafts and being part of a more sustainable way of living. How often have you been to the charity shops and found a little gem, this way turning trash to treasure. I believe that almost everything that is produced has more than one life. We need to think beyond the waste bin and the recycling facilities. There is fun and a feeling of reward in creative recycling and turning trash to treasure.

Being Part of the Solution

There is a growing community out there waking up to the challenges of our times and finally realising that we live on a planet with finite resources, re-discovering the old virtues of swapping, mending, giving a new life to something old, turning trash to treasure.

Creative recycling is not about doom and gloom. Its aim is to be inspiring showing that we all can do our bit, stopping to be consumers and switching back on our creativity and inspire others. I have caught the spark and found a whole universe of films, books and resources which I have added on a resource list. No doubt, they will inspire you to become active and do your bit and inspire others to turn trash to treasure.